If you want to build a top quality pool then a concrete pool is your answer! Innov8 Pools will construct a beautiful concrete swimming pool for you that will last for years without needing a lot of maintenance or any repairs.

Concrete Pool Construction in Sydney

Innov8 Pools has the technical expertise to construct custom-made concrete swimming pools. We can construct pools in any shape, size and depth. Whether you have a large property, a narrow space or sloped ground, we can construct the concrete pool of your dreams! Remember that concrete is the best option if you want to build a large swimming pool or one that is specifically used for high diving.

With a concrete pool, you are not limited to predetermined moulds or shapes. You can design anything from a traditional to a freeform swimming pool. Concrete gives you that flexibility. There is no limit to what Innov8 Pools can construct from concrete.

Boost Your Property Value With a Concrete Pool

Concrete swimming pools are a permanent addition and you will immediately increase your property value when you install one. So not only will Innov8 Pools increase the aesthetic value of your property, but we will also increase its financial value.

Innov8 Pools will construct your pool on site to your specification, at your convenience. Rest assured that we will help you enhance your property and landscape with an amazing swimming pool.

Concrete Plunge Pools

The team here at Innov8 Pools are also well experienced in designing and building concrete plunges pools. This style of concrete pool provides an alternative to standard concrete pools and allows for a better solution for those properties that are limited by rocky surfaces, sloping backyards or zoning issues.

Concrete Pool Build Process

To start the concrete pool build process, we’ll first visit your property to understand your expectations and get a feel for the environment you are wanting to create. We can then provide design advice on the shape, size and all aspects of your potential concrete pool, presented within a project plan for you to consider, alongside a 3D concept design of your concrete pool.  Once this is all approved and you are happy with the design, we can move on to the construction of your concrete pool.

The construction of your concrete pool can be broken down in to 9 simple steps which are as follows:

  • Paperwork & Council Approvals
  • Pool Excavation
  • Formwork & Steel Fixing
  • Concreting
  • External Plumbing
  • Coping & Surrounds
  • Fencing
  • Pebble Interior
  • Handover

For more information about how we construct out concrete pools, view our Process page.

Frequently Asked Concrete Pool Questions

How much does a concrete swimming pool cost?

This is our number one FAQ, and is dependent on a number of factors.

  • What size and shape you are considering?
  • Will the pool be constructed in or out of ground?
  • Will you require pool surrounds and landscaping?
  • Are there any access restrictions or services that may need to be avoided or diverted?

As you could imagine, quoting, without actually inspecting the proposed site for a concrete pool is near impossible.

There are many factors that need to be considered to achieve the result you are looking for.

As a general guide, installing a concrete swimming pool could cost you between $30,000 and $100,000.

If you would like Innov8 Pools to offer you our 100% FIXED PRICE Guarantee, simply call the Innov8 Team to arrange a Site Inspection and discuss with you the best possible options to achieving your dream outdoor retreat.

How to clean a concrete pool

The best way to clean your concrete pool is with an automatic pool cleaning system, which are available here at Innov8 Pools. These pool cleaning systems essentially let your concrete pool clean itself with it’s built in floor cleaning and circulation system. The best part to this is that there are no robotic cleaners or hoses slowly moving around your pool, as automatic pool cleaning systems are virtually invisible. Get in touch if you’d like to add an automatic pool cleaning system to your concrete pool.

How to remove algae stains from a concrete pool

To remove algae stains form your concrete pool you will need to:

  • Remove any organic materials from your concrete pool such as leaves and branches
  • Drain your pool / Acid wash your concrete pool
  • Thoroughly scrub your concrete pool with a pool brush to remove stains
  • Shock your pool with chlorine

To prevent algae from growing within your concrete pool you should always keep your pH, alkalinity and sanitizer levels within the correct range and make sure you are checking these periodically. Regular brushing of your pool will help prevent growth. Automatic Pool Cleaning Systems help reduce the risk of algae growth dramatically by proving constant cleaning and circulation to your concrete pool.

How long will construction take for my new concrete pool?

It’s entirely possible that you could be swimming in your brand new swimming pool within 6-8 weeks on commencement of the construction. Of course this is dependent on external influences such as council approval or even inclement weather that we have no control over. The Innov8 Team will do everything we possibly can to work within your desired time-frame.