How much does it cost to install a Concrete swimming pool?

This is our number one FAQ, and is dependent on a number of factors.

What size and shape you are considering?

Will the pool be constructed in or out of ground?

Will you require pool surrounds and landscaping?

Are there any access restrictions or services that may need to be avoided or diverted?

As you could imagine, quoting, without actually inspecting the proposed site for a concrete pool is near impossible.

There are many factors that need to be considered to achieve the result you are looking for.

As a general guide, installing a concrete swimming pool could cost you between $30,000 and $100,000.

If you would like Innov8 Pools to offer you our 100% FIXED PRICE Guarantee, simply call the Innov8 Team to arrange a Site Inspection and discuss with you the best possible options to achieving your dream outdoor retreat.

Can you supply or arrange everything from the Pool Fencing to Landscaping?

Innov8 Pools provides an exclusive in house full colour concept design service, whether it includes retaining walls, an innovative spa or water feature or hard landscaping.

Innov8 Pools & Landscapes are your one stop shop to achieving the outdoor lifestyle retreat you deserve.

Innov8 Pools can also provide a number of water storage solutions, specialising in underground water tanks for all your outdoor needs, keeping the gardens green or toping up the swimming pool.

Talk with one of the Innov8 Pools team members today, for a Water Wise consultation.

What about council approval, do you arrange this?

Yes, we will prepare all council required applications and plans for you to sign before we submit on your behalf. Usually these applications get approved within 2 weeks.

How long will construction take for my new concrete pool?

It’s entirely possible that you could be swimming in your brand new swimming pool within 6-8 weeks on commencement of the construction. Of course this is dependent on external influences such as council approval or even inclement weather that we have no control over. The Innov8 Team will do everything we possibly can to work within your desired timeframe.

Do you have any display pools or places we can view your range?

Innov8 Pools are more than happy to refer our previous clients and their contact details. We can also arrange a site inspection of our completed projects for your viewing.

How does your 100% FIXED PRICE Guarantee work?

the risk of costly blowouts and variations for new Swimming Pool contracts. When you receive a quote from Innov8 Pools to install your new concrete Pool, what you are quoted is all that you will pay.
We ask you to find another Concrete pool company that would dare match our 100% Fixed Price Guarantee.